In 2003 and 2007 the Sale Moor Community Partnership and a number of other agencies interviewed and surveyed local residents to create a Community Needs Assessment. The 2012 Community Needs Assessment continues in that vein.

A Community Needs Assessment is a document that captures the thoughts and issues of local residents and identifies what the community needs to make sure small resources are targeted. The Community Needs Assessment document is often used as evidence in funding applications by local groups or to prove that a significant number of residents have been affected by an issue to warrant more resources or action.

The Community Needs Assessment of 2012 will be used for much the same purposes and can be used with the Census 2011 data to create a clearer picture of the Sale Moor community.

The project is funded by the Trafford Partnership and managed by the Sale Moor Community Partnership through the Neighbourhood Voluntary Sector Grants Scheme. The project idea was chosen by the general public at a Participatory Budgeting event held at Sale Masonic Hall on Saturday 30th June 2012.


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