Welcome to the Sale Moor Community Needs Assessment report and data from the assessment carried out between November 2012 & January 2013.

The project was granted £2585 at the June 2012 Participatory Budgeting Event held at the Sale Masonic Hall and led by the Trafford Partnership.

The survey was mainly conducted face-face through 9 Community Researchers however some people did fill it out online and by hand. Community Researchers ranged from new volunteers answering to an advert in the Sale Moor Source to experienced volunteers already operating in Sale Moor.

Every household in the Sale Moor ward was leafleted at least once and some of the areas in the Brooklands ward that historically associate with Sale Moor were also included in the leafleting. Approximately 4,500 leaflets were distributed and 2,200 Sale Moor Source magazines were delivered advertising the website and the opportunities to complete the assessment with support offered by the Sale Moor Community Partnership.

A prize draw of £50, £25 and £10 was used as an incentive to fill out the questionnaire.

Sale Moor CNA 2012-13 Data Set (PDF format, opens in Adobe Reader if your browser doesn’t automatically open it.) 12mb

This data set is presented so it is easy to understand the main points that residents have made with a selection of key graphs to complement the statistics and residents comments. There is no additional commentary and you are free to interpret the results.

Sale Moor CNA12 Summary 300dpi (PDF format, opens in Adobe Reader if your browser doesn’t automatically open it.) 132mb. This is a large document and may take some time to download.

Sale Moor CNA12 Summary 150dpi (PDF format, opens in Adobe Reader if your browser doesn’t automatically open it.) 48mb. A smaller document that will download quicker but still may take some time.

This summary document visualises the information in easy to follow fact sheets focusing on each subject area.

Some comments have been vetted to remove bad language or identifiable statements. All references to the original individual that completed the questionnaire have been removed permanently.

If you do have any questions or queries regarding the results or documents then please email or call into the Sale Moor Community Partnership Office, 355-359 Norris Road, Sale Moor, M33 2UP.

A gallery of the fact sheets is available to view below. Please be aware that they have less resolution than the files available above. You can download individual sheets using the “View full size” option within the gallery.

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